Contest Rules

1. The Spring 2024 Belmont Math Hunt will be held on Saturday, May 18 at Belmont High School and is open to all middle school students
2. Students may form teams of 2-4 students or sign up as an individual such that the organizers will group individual participants into teams
3. The competition will consist of themed problem sets distributed throughout several classrooms, and teams will have a period of 105 minutes to freely travel around and conquer as many as they can
4. A team will enter a room, work on the problem set, and submit answers to a grader for points
5. For solving each problem, teams will earn a number of points based on correctness, how quickly it was solved, and how many other teams solved it, so plan your excursion accordingly! In the unlikely event of a tie, it'll be broken by the least solved problem a team answered correctly
6. Members of a team must remain together, but teams can choose to go to whichever rooms they want
7. As teams solve problems, scores will be updated in real-time on a spreadsheet
8. For any issues with the problems, competition integrity, or anything else that may arise during the event, please come see the organizer team in a designated appeal room
9. When the main competition ends, participants may join fun events such as a countdown tournament, a trivia kahoot, or card games, in addition to more events TBA!
10. As the event comes to a close, prizes will be awarded to teams and individuals based on performance and other criteria such as creative team names, winning the social events, collaboration, etc
11. Some prizes from Belmont businesses will be awarded specifically to teams from Belmont, while others will be for top teams overall
12. Please bring 5 dollars if you'd like to order pizza - you are responsible for informing us of allergies and dietary restrictions!
13. In order to protect the competition’s integrity, students are not allowed to use external resources (notes, calculators, websites) or attempt to cheat in any way. If there is any compelling reason to believe that a student gained an unfair advantage, their team’s results may be disqualified