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Why math hunt

information & Faq


Belmont Math Hunt will take place at Belmont High School on May 18. It will begin at 10 am and end at 2 pm.


Belmont Math Hunt is an opportunity for middle school students interested in math, to have a day of interaction with the subject and also meet other students!


Any middle school aged student who is interested is invited. Most commonly the event has 7th/8th graders from towns such as Belmont, Lexington, Arlington


Pictures & explainations

What a classroom looks like

During the main phase of our event, students travel around the school to different classrooms in order to complete problems with their teammates. Using a formula that contains the total number of correct questions and time to solve, we calculate the total number of points each team scores, the top 3 teams earn some awesome prizes! Each classroom tends to contain a grader(or 2) and a few teams of students as pictured here.

Day for a student at BMH

Students sign in before 9 am and meet up with their team members, then as the main portion of the event begins they travel around the school with their team and score as many points as possible. After that ends, the students can participate in a group of fun games, some of which are math related and others which are not. Finally, after everyone has eaten and played games, we announce our winners and hand out prizes.

Teams moving to their next room

The excitement is everywhere, every student races around the hallways looking for the nearest room in order to solve more questions and score more points. The high pressure and high stakes make the day an exciting and stimulating day of adventure.