Belmont Math Hunt

May 2023 (Date TBD)
Signups for Spring 2023 open soon!

Belmont Math Hunt is an event run by experienced Belmont High School students with the aim of improving interest and access to mathematics in a fun, collaborative setting.

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Event Information

The Belmont Math Hunt will take place at Belmont High School on a date TBD and is open to all middle school students. Participants may form teams of 2-4 or participate as an individual such that individuals will be grouped into teams before the event.

During the event, themed problem sets will be distributed throughout many classrooms like a scavenger hunt. Over a 90 minute period, teams are free to roam around, conquer fun problems, and watch as scores update in real time. For more detailed information, please see here. While waiting for official results, participants may join fun events like a countdown tournament and a trivia contest. In the end, the event culminates in the awards ceremony, where prizes are awarded to top finishers in addition to other criteria like creative team names.